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Aluminum Extrusion, Forging & RHS

Aluminum extrusion is a widely used manufacturing process that involves shaping aluminum alloy into various profiles by forcing it through a die. This process is used to create a wide range of products, from simple shapes to complex designs, and is particularly useful for creating lightweight and high-strength parts with excellent corrosion resistance.

Aluminum Extrusion

The aluminum extrusion process starts with the creation of a die, which is typically made of steel or carbide and designed to the exact specifications of the profile to be produced.

The aluminum alloy is then heated to a specific temperature and pushed through the die using a hydraulic press, creating the desired shape. The extruded part is then cooled and cut to the desired length.


RHS typically stands for "Rectangular Hollow Section".
This refers to a type of aluminum extrusion that has a rectangular cross-section with a hollow center.

RHS aluminum sections are commonly used in construction, transportation, and other industries where lightweight and strong structural components are needed.

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